Works of MOA’s artists are shown at international exhibitions


Yvan Richeux and Den Bar at Galerie 51, Paris
October 10 till 28, 2023, Paris, France

In their first joint exhibition in Paris, French painter Yvan Richeux and Dutch sculptor Den Bar showed new work at Galerie 51 from October 10 to 28, 2023.


October 14, 15 and 16, 2022, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Galerie MOA successfully participated in the first Maastricht Gallery Weekend. More than 350 visitors have visited the exhibition of the gallery. The exhibition was well received, with paintings and sculptures sold.

Yvan Richeux-Rey and Den Bar at Gallery Bernard
June 15th - August 31st 2021, Dinard, France

The painter Yvan Richeux-Rey and the sculptor Den Bar show new work in their second joint exhibition at Gallery Bernard in Dinard, France, till August 31.


Trois visages 2
May 1st – October 2nd 2021, Maastricht, The Netherlands

The exhibition Trois Visages shows work by three artists. Yan Marczewski - meditative oil paintings, Den Bar - sculptures in bronze, marble and wood and Yvan Richeux-Rey - dynamic, colorful oil paintings.

Galerie Schlessart, Bergen
October, 2020, Bergen. The Netherlands

In October 2020 Gallery Schlessart, Bergen will show work by various artists in a large exhibition. Of the two French painters, Yan Marczewski and Yvan Richeux-Rey she shows oil paintings. By the Dutch sculptor Den Bar abstract sculptures in bronze, marble and wood are shown.


Galerie de L’Europe, Paris
December 15th 2019 - January 5th 2020, Paris, France

Yan Marczewski and Den Bar’s sixth exhibition at Galerie de L’Europe in Paris was a success. In the sixth exhibition of the Parisian painter Yan Marczewski and the Dutch sculptor Den Bar, large paintings and abstract sculptures in bronze and marble were shown.

August 11th -15th, 2018, Knokke-Heist, Belgium

Galerie MOA presents during ART NOCTURNE Knokke-Heist, Belgium:

  • Yan Marczewski, Paris oil-paintings
  • Den Bar, Maastricht abstract sculptures

Due to the huge range of international galleries is the mundane seaside resort Knokke a famous place for art collectors. The Art Fair was well attended and various works of art were purchased by collectors.


Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair
February, 2017, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The new exhibition year opens with the Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair. The fair starts on February 8 and for a week many international galleries show modern art.

Gallery MOA shows work by its two important artists:

  • Yan Marczewski, Paris oil paintings
  • Den Bar, Maastricht abstract sculptures

November 12th 2015, Maastricht, The Netherlands

The exhibition LIGHT 2 is in partnership with the Museum aan het Vrijthof and Galerie MOA. This exhibition was opened by director Erik de Jong. In Museum aan het Vrijthof works are shown by:

  • Jean-Marc Spaans, photo works
  • Den Bar, sculptures

The artworks of Jean-Marc Spaans are photographs of light. He catches the dancing track of light by means of photography, without the light source being shown.

Den Bar bases his sculpting on reflection and mental power. His abstract sculptures in bronze and aluminium possess an unmistakable individual language.


Galerie de L’Europe, Paris
September 2012, Paris, France

In September 2012, new work by Yan Marczewski, Paris, and Den Bar, Maastricht was exhibited in Galerie de L’Europe in Paris. Marczewski’s abstract large oil-paintings in sober yet bright colours perfectly complement the basal materials of bronze and aluminium and the rhythmical forms with which Den Bar works. As one visitor remarked, “it’s as if the paintings and sculptures were talking to each other”. The international visitors praised the quality of the exhibition. Collectors showed their appreciation by purchasing many of the works.