About the artist

Jean-Marc Spaans (1967 Amsterdam) lives and works in Rotterdam.

The artworks of Jean-Marc Spaans are photographs of light. He captures the trace of moving light by photography without showing the source of it. These traces of light appear as if they are part of architecture or objects actually constructed or installed in space. Some of them look like still, geometric structures while others remind us of dynamic, organic life. His work has been discribed as painting with light.

Collections : Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen/Stadscollectie,Rotterdam.Stedelijk Museum, Schiedam. Swedish Art Council,SE. Saks Fifth Avenue, New York,US. Akzo Nobel Art Foundation, Arnhem. Fotocollectie Erasmus Universiteit,Rotterdam and private collections.

Exhibitions:  Amsterdam, Rotterdam, London, Paris, Osaka, Berlin, Milan, Köln, Boston, Chicago, Brussels and Maastricht.