Mauricio Arias

Mauricio Arias 1950 Bogota, Colombia. Curently lives and works in Bergen.

Mauricio shows the true range of his talent in his highly individual and soulful artwork. His experienced hand can be found in his abstracts with a textural feel and sense of color.
Glimpses of moments, shapes, sounds and emotions, inspired by the many beautiful places Maricio travelled to, are presented in his canvasses in the ever changing patterns of light and shade.
After his studies on the Universidad de Los Andes, Bogotá, the University of St. Thomas, Houston, Texas and the Academy of Art University of San Francisco he studied printmaking in Florence, Italy, at the renowed “Il Bisonte, Scuola Internazionale per L’Arte Grafica”. Subsequently he developed several techniques using mixed media such as lime paint, pastels, charcoal, gouache, watercolors, oil and India ink on paper and canvas.His work encompasses all the aspects of life in its multi-layered complexity but captured witch a high sense of simplicity and elegance.

Exhibitions: Palo Alto California, Menlo Park California, Bergen NH Netherlands, Mountain View California, Portola Valley California, Galerie MOA Maastricht.

Mauricio Arias

Encounters 90×170 cm MIXED MEDIUM


Conecciones 100x100cm   MIXED MEDIUM

Detrás del Blanco 150x150cm MIXED MEDIUM

Balance 100×70 cm MIXED MEDIUM


Meditaciones 95x95cm MIXED MEDIUM

Incidentes 95x95cm MIXED MEDIUM